Reviews for "Beat Battle VS CrAz3 ~187~"

aaaah shit...

Please... dont give me one of these nerd beat portal war... "fuck aep" "fuck ndp" ... the fuck is that ?... lol, internet beat making crews or something ?... come on kids, try to share the space ?, oh by the way... tell me if one of these guys or you guys ever get shot for... this beef hahaha

on another note... Good beat and yes it's better then Craze's beat.


Keep at it,
Take it easy,

This shit is crazy.

You won, no contest man, lol.

That's all I have to say.


HAHA dey ain't shit u should've heard craz3's beat it's lame as hell he had nerve to challenge N.P.D...tha whole crew is going to war...

New Definition Productions V.S Ace Empire Productions.....it's gonna be a slaughter fest ....who already kno what's gonna happen ....


Tha Legend Has Just Stepped In I Have A Reason To Be Cocky Nigga...................

CUZ AEP AIN"T SHIT AND WILL NEVER BE SHIT.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fuck aep

Fuck them Pussy ass niggas omg Craze aint got shit on this track. WTF WAS HE THINKIN WHEN HE THOUGHT HE COULD BATTLE U AND WIN WTF WAS GOIN THRU THIS NIGGA MIND HE IS FUCKIN STUPID WHO DA FUCK HE THINK HE IS. ITS LIKE WHAT THE FUCK.....these niggas dumb as hell.... i once had respect for these niggas fuck all dez pussies... a bunch of wet pussies runnin around and shit... 187 u ma boy u fuckin killt this shit...

PS: what the fuck was that man thinkin.


thats all i got to say


- JoCa