Reviews for "GunFox vs. MonsterBoss"

Nice game but has a glitch where the rocket follows you but when it hits you nothing happens and I need to reset so it will unlagg for this glitch 4 stars

Fun game with cool upgrade system, I only wish there was a way to re-spec. a few times I accidentally clicked on the wrong upgrades, and that forced me to miss upgrades that I wanted. An "are you sure?" button or something would be nice, or the ability to save up like 300 coins and re-do your spec sheet would also be good

Definitely worth playing. I love this game. It's a cute and fun to play game. I like the music too.

Very nice game! controls are smooth, graphics, and OMG the music! i'ts so good to hear a really funky sound!

Quite the fun little shooter, sure, the story isn't the greatest, but who needs one when your game is this fun? The upgrade tree is surprisingly expansive, and it was very fun seeing what all the different upgrades did. However, there's a problem in that if you buy the upgrade that allows you to ride the lift for free, you're stuck with whatever you've bought and will buy next. The upgrade for selling items says "get 100% of your money back", so maybe without it you can sell them for half price?

Another great area was the huge roster of enemies, and they weren't just direct upgrades either, each enemy has it's own unique ablities and requires a different strategy to beat. This makes for more different enemy formations to challenge the player, a great choice indeed.

Definitely the second best part of the game (the first being gameplay) was the music, there were only a few songs, but they are all sublime. Nothing beats beating down baddies while listening to some jazz, it's still enough to keep the action going, but it makes the game that much less frustrating. (I wasn't frustrated, but some other people might be)