Reviews for "GunFox vs. MonsterBoss"

Interesting game. The art style is simple but still quality. Various Enemies and upgrades. I liked how you could still buy back items and that there was a different mechanic to fight each monster. I think the sliding was a bonus and really helpful to defeat most if not all enemies once they hit the floor. And getting the flame proof boots definitely helped me out a great deal. All in all quality game do recommend. :)

Nice game. But at lvl 24 the lag made it unplayable for me.

Cool game! I like the way u slide and shoot and the sound of those enemies when they die. and again, cool game!

It is interesting and there are a lot of upgrades making it fun. However, the boss fights seem to be extremely lagging making them impossible to beat. I've tried this on two separate computers and faced the same thing.

There's a lot of upgrades,good game!