Reviews for "GunFox vs. MonsterBoss"

not bad, I defeated him

why I cannot buy the legendary gun for 1000 money????

I like it.

It's not that different as many other games like this. Of which there are a lot.
But I really like the fact that I was able to play it on a quite slow notebook. Which means it doesnt eat up RAM, because of good coding I assume.

I can't shoot. X doesn't do anything. This is a serious flaw, and it breaks the game before I can even get anything done. I'm stuck at the tutorial level.

Looks like if you sell your gun and don't have enough money to buy it back, there's no way to get more money and the game is over.

I am sorry I can not rate five stars, merely do to the fact that you cannot get all the upgrades and are not warned to the fact that when you chose an upgrade the corresponding upgrade is locked.