Reviews for "GunFox vs. MonsterBoss"

Awesome arcade game. The tutorial gets you introduced to gameplay right away, as the tabloids introduce you to the story. The owl's a wise type of narrator, and the Dog is like a twist on Donkey Kong, kinda... I like the funky music, the seamless transitions between levels and the continual fight towards the top of the tower. Controls are all real nice and fluent, rewards come in containable packages and upgrades reward perseverance. I love the overall laid-back style and pace of it all, it's a fun time-waster and adventure alike!


The walk-trough-fire upgrade is a MUST. The shield is a must too. Getting the shrapnels is MUCH better than getting the other upgrades, like the laser one, it evens make bombs unnecesary.
At the boss stages, I get laggy and the game goes half the speed than normal.

But hey, don't ya think I'm not giving 5 stars to this awesome game.
I enjoyed it a lot I loved the variety of enemies, and possible upgrades.
Graphics were cool. Gameplay was awesome and creative.

Did you make the music? The bass line in the music for the boss stages is SO DAMN FUNKY, IT'S GREAT. I would love to have that track and play it!

i played 'till level 20 and then stopped, i'm tired. I'll maybe give it another shot latter.
Awesome game btw. I don't even know what bombs look like, it was so nervous that i didn't even use them once and just kept firing at will XD

Looks like a fun game but I can't shoot

It was a good game just completed it. It was very well balanced, as well as fun.