Reviews for "Alchemist"

I like the graphics and such, but it got really tedious. No map to keep track of where I am? Also, I couldn't figure out how to drop down through platforms, which meant after getting the lever I had to backtrack basically all the way back 'home' and go through that section with the plants (oh, and of course everything kills you in ONE HIT, wow, that's "awesome"), so the second time around trying to get to the lever was I just decided it wasn't worth my time any more.

interesting, but you really need a game save option. I played half of it, closed it to come back later and found that progress was not saved. I refuse to start all over again.

pretty great game. hard at first, but fun once you get the hang of it. my only real complaint is that i wish it were longer :3

Like the look but not a platformer fan.

It's a cute little world I guess, and I liked the design of the main character. It was cool finding the Elder, but after that I just stumbled across a ton of useless characters. It's too bad they didn't have anything interesting to say. The music was just way too short a loop and so I heard it about a hundred times before I finished the game. Items don't get automatically picked up, so sometimes you'll reach the item only to realise you didn't actually get it and have to climb back up. (Always remember to hit "down" when you reach the item you want!)

I wouldn't play it a second time, and I honestly don't know why there's a score other than to link to this "GamesHero" that you seem so excited about. I recommend taking notes from William and Sly, which is a similar game.