Reviews for "Alchemist"

Nice game. Relatively simple controls and gameplay, and limited scope. But good graphics and straightforward to pick up

Hint for all those stuck on the mouse: There are three mice in total. Check portions of the map you've "unlocked" while trying to get a different spell component.

Fun, if a little quick. Nice, imaginative story. I liked it a lot. Would have been better if it was a little bit longer though.

he looks like a Jawa from star wars

Nice short game. I LOVE the graphics, specially the backgrounds. The buttons and the "gamezhero" fill an important part of the screen. You could make them a lot smaller.

Below the tower, there's a platform that doesn't has any purpose, why it's there?

I think the player would like to see how the land looks like illuminated. A "you won" screen isn't that much rewarding.

The game was really good. I would love to see a part 2!

Any tips how to get the mouse?

I got everything i need. ALmost. Well, everything but he mouse.

I'm kinda stuck...