Reviews for "Alchemist"

The game is pretty good, the graphics as solid, the music is great, and the controls are tight. However, some of the backtracking got a little old after a while, I would also recommend giving a better pay off then some text at the end saying you are great. Let us the the fruits of our labor.

Really cool game, loved the open word atmosphere and the grahipcs were top notch.
The medals didn't work for me though :(

How to get mouse: go to the place with platform and chest, then descend to lowest platform. Then alchemist will say: "that's a perfect place to catch a mouse"

This game is awesome, the story is simple, yet tugs you in. I love how the setting is quite dark, but yet you feel as if there is some kind of hope. Plays well with my thoughts. Only downside I had is that it seemed that from time to time my characters movements became very choppy/laggy. I don't think it is the fault of my computer, but I honestly do not know.

Again great game!

This game looks to great to be this simple