Reviews for "Tales of Carmelot"


pretty easy.. too easy i think. impressive art and music.

Here's another game from you I can't really recommend. I just found it to be strange that it said something about a Snappy Game when this did not have the title. I thought it would redirect me to another website. I'm glad it did not, as I have run into that problem. I'm sorry, but I am just not into these kinds of games. I guess other people like them.

I liked the music. The graphics weren't bad, but they came off as rather dull. I got dirty thoughts looking at the building from the outside. I really don't think that was intentional. At least there's nothing too awful about it.

I like it :) very nice

The Mask Puzzle requires 5 inputs, not 4, in order to work. A good game but I would have liked to have been rewarded after all that work and returning the pot of gold.

taking a long time to load

DeathTiger0 responds:

Looks like instead of voting 1, you should upgrade your internet connection.