Reviews for "Tales of Carmelot"

Pretty good and long. Too bad we never explored the upper part of the lighthouse though.

Such fun! Nice on the eyes and ears. But I'm dying to know what's beyond that gate in the lighthouse :(

One of my favorite Carmel games, and one of the best of its kind imo. The artwork is stunning, and It's impressive the way he achieves so much luminosity & also consistency of scenes with those faceted modern lights. I also appreciated his judicious use of colors, versus the usual oversaturated use-every-crayon-in-the-box approach. But there was no credit for graphics, so who did them?

I enjoyed the variety of puzzles and music tracks which were subtle & evocative, and rode Jayden's Splashdown an unnecessary amount of times just to hear the theme...too funny! That Jayden's pretty cute too ;) Awesome job guys.

The music just the scenes just nicely, not too harsh on the ears, specially that Jayden Splashdown :D
BTW. Found a bug-ish thingy, at first I thought I lost the magical powder forever, so I repeated the entire game. I made sure to finish repairs before getting the powder. When I finally slid down the well I found the one that was supposedly flushed away by the ride. Hope you fix this. ^^

I love the music which fits this game very well. The sequence to unlock the living masks was difficult to guess, so googled the walkthrough to decode it. I reckon the developers should leave a hint somewhere. Overall, I kinda like this game. c: