Reviews for "Tales of Carmelot"

in the magic shop im so sure i saw voldemort head

I thought water effect in the fountain was awesome! But why don't their mouths move, like in previous installments???

In any case, a solid game from Carmel Games.

A well done point'n'click, that's not a "helluva challenge."

Some folks seem to have disliked the voice acting. Perhaps, yet to me it seemed fine. Cartooney sort of.

Had fun! Like the graphics. Good job.

It's an OK game...

It's a visually pleasing game, and the music is good. The puzzles are fairly satisying.

The dialogue is pretty terrible. I don't know if that is supposed be an Irish accent, but it's insulting and I'm not even Irish! Plus the dialogue (and art style) make me feel quite condescended; like I'm an infant playing a school game.

I think you have real potential if you take your games a little more seriously... :)