Reviews for "Tales of Carmelot"

I'd like to say that I like your games. They just happen to be too stringent and simple and short. Well, in this case, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is a pain in the ass, but you give a walk-through to every of your games - so yay!
I liked the animated cursor when I moved over an exit, just sayin'.
Go for length! I'd love it.
Thanks, BSE

Awesome game. I had no issues with a the "glitch" everyone keeps encountering. Great job Death Tiger! And great voice acting Plasmarift, if you need any further voice acting in the future, please let me know I'd be happy to help.

Good until the mask door glitch. Plus, the walkthrough doesn't work. So poop on you.

I play almost every one of these games, and am still baffled by some of the terrible puzzles... I had to consult the walkthrough for the heads puzzle, having four heads makes it intuitive to me that the combination would be four syllables, not five... Also, I have no idea why one of them is "ho" and not "oh"...

I also notice the frequency with which you are cranking out these games. Perhaps you could take a little more time and make a game that is a little more lengthy, with puzzles that actually make sense?

Also, I love the weird sense of humour... I loled at jig with backup dancers and fireworks and the protagonist's worst irish accent evar.

Also also, one of the voice actors said "Camelot" instead of "Carmelot" several times in the dialogues...

Game is awesome! Keep up the great work!