Reviews for "Golden Duel"

It was good, but there were random times where the opponent would fire all 6 rounds in a split second, and you were dead before you could barely react. also, there have been a couple times where i click skip, then a second later, it was time to shoot. might want to work on the consistency.

This is a solid game. I like the sense of progression you feel as you mow down harder foes. In future bug fixes, I would make it so that the different hit boxes had different feels to them. In a western game that I remember plays similarly to this one, I always felt like I had made a good shot based on the reactions of the opponents. I would try implementing something like this in the future.
Overall, it's a good spaghetti western game!

This game is quite.....unoriginal...

There are so many of these "Old Western Duels" and they seem to be all the same. Now I know you have probably put a lot of work into this game as can be seen by the graphical design and such.

All that it lacks is originality.

duquekarl responds:

It was our purpose to do a fun small game. It would be nice to hear to your ideas about how to do an Old Western Duel which doesn't seem to be all the same, which is original. Send us your suggestions. Thanks for your comment.

lags up from time to time while shooting & reloads are slow as hell

duquekarl responds:

Buy new guns for quicker reloads

Man this game pissed me off.
Upgrades were nice, yet there was nothing for accuracy which I though would be more prominent for a quick draw / shooting game. I have full luck, two bits of armour, the best gun pointing right at their face and still get beaten by a level 3 opponent.
Every time I restarted there were these strange blue strips covering the bad guy and Johnny and sometimes the drunk throughs nothing at all, not sure if intentional or not but grinds my gears when the gun doesn't even follow my cursor and just shoots the ground or sky after reloading.
On a side note I love the music and the animation was nice, hence the two stars