Reviews for "Golden Duel"

This is copy of one old game!
I can't remembered what is name of that game....

duquekarl responds:

There are a couple of western and duel games! For example, this was a classic: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/410537. Thank for your vote!

Completed the game a couple of times, got all the medals and was just about to give up on that 6-bottles-in-a-row medal when... I got that one too! And not with the first bottle-throwing session either, what a surprise... overall this was a fun game. Simple, with enough upgrades to keep the replayability a few rounds, with highscores to motivate further, with a set of interesting characters to shoot against and the bottle game as a little mini-game on the side. Feels complete, nice work!


Only bad thing is when I try to shoot bottles I always accidentally hit the web address.

A fun game with some great music. You've already got praise for it from everyone else so I'll get right to the negative points:
1) There are memory leak issues. That's causing the lag that everyone is talking about. Refreshing the page solves the problem but, I don't like doing that every 10 minutes. Consider optimizing your code.
2) The annoying Silver Games logo is right above the highest trajectory of the bottle in the bonus stage. It's really easy to click it by mistake. Consider moving it upwards a little.
3) In the bonus stage, just after the drunk has thrown the last bottle, the gun freezes up in whatever position I have it in and I can't move the gun to shoot. This freezing up should occur a bit later, after the bottle passes over the guy's head.
4) The prices for the 4th and 5th purchases are very high. Grinding that much makes it boring.

Other than that it was very enjoyable. Looking forward to your next game.

Pretty fun game, and I know this has been said already, but dear god fix the stupid silvergames logo in the game. It doesn't need to be that big and I have clicked on it accidentally so many times while shooting those bottles. Also the aiming tends to lock up during those levels with the bottles.

duquekarl responds:

Thank you for the comment! Both things have been fixed in the new version