Reviews for "Golden Duel"

AMAZING Game! It had everything I'd ever wanted in these types of games. For example:

-The armor didn't break after 1 use or being worn down in a fight
-Fun medals making me play for a while
-Simple yet difficult game
-And being so unique

This game was absolutely amazing, but I did encounter a few bugs. For instance, sometimes if you had your cursor over where the ammo would be, the round would automatically start without the countdown. And also, after beating the game for the first time, I saw that the cut scenes began to have little shimmers in them, but besides those two, I've seen NOTHING wrong with the game.

Four stars from me :)

Completed the game a couple of times, got all the medals and was just about to give up on that 6-bottles-in-a-row medal when... I got that one too! And not with the first bottle-throwing session either, what a surprise... overall this was a fun game. Simple, with enough upgrades to keep the replayability a few rounds, with highscores to motivate further, with a set of interesting characters to shoot against and the bottle game as a little mini-game on the side. Feels complete, nice work!


This game got me really hanging in great job

duquekarl responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, Indeks! Can you collect all the medals? Thank you for your comment

Cool game, love the quickdrawing!
It'd be more fun if there was a better storyline.

duquekarl responds:

It was a lot of extra work to add a storyline/animations/probably changes in the gameplay. Sometimes many people won't anyways notice or care or appreciate all the work it took to you to do something. This is just a casual game to spend some minutes. Not all games need a storyline, think Flappy Birds.

This game is quite.....unoriginal...

There are so many of these "Old Western Duels" and they seem to be all the same. Now I know you have probably put a lot of work into this game as can be seen by the graphical design and such.

All that it lacks is originality.

duquekarl responds:

It was our purpose to do a fun small game. It would be nice to hear to your ideas about how to do an Old Western Duel which doesn't seem to be all the same, which is original. Send us your suggestions. Thanks for your comment.