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Reviews for "StarBright"

I really liked this. It was decently challenging, and felt vaguely like a 2D Banjo Kazooie sort of game. The secrets were hidden well, but fairly enough for me to get all of them.

My only real complaints are that there should have been at least one checkpoint in some of the longer levels, and that there wasn't enough variety in level themes. I'd love to see a sequel with more varied worlds, and more stars per world.

SirNightOwl responds:

Thanks :) I was really concerned about level design so its good to know the secrets were hidden well! Yeah I couldnt decide whether to do checkpoints or not, will definitely do them next time (might even do them for this game and update next couple of days)

Once again thanks! :D

This is cool
i just tested this game
keep it up
Got 2 medals

SirNightOwl responds:

Nice! There's plenty more medals to get ;)

Nice game. But i think i have found a bug. If you you spam click on the jump button you can hold un to solid blocks right above you. And i wish you good luck in the compition!

SirNightOwl responds:

Thanks man, shall look into that bug! :)

I liked the game. It was a fun little challenging game at times though there are some problems. Sometimes, the rotating saws will stop mid-air when you are not directly near them and the only bug I came across was once glitching through a grass wall, but I was able to come back out without a problem. Also, having to restart the level from the beginning after getting a star becomes annoying when it would've taken less time to get the second star in some levels without restarting.

By the way, I found six of the runes, one in every level with stars to get in them, but you say there are seven and the only level left is the final level where the stars get displayed and I've looked everywhere in that level. Is there more than one rune in a level that I missed?

SirNightOwl responds:

Hey thanks for the review! Yeah the saws do stop in your just under a screen width as to do it so they are constantly rotating can cause lag :(

You were correct about the runes! My mistake, updated the file and the 7th rune is in front of the spawn on the final level, glad you liked the game enough to gather them all, hopefully it was a bit of a challenge :)

I did not finish any lvl,cose stuck,..for example the firds lvl.Maybe is not the game,byt conn.or my PC.Anyway I give you max.cose is your first game and you put a lot of work in u`r game.

SirNightOwl responds:

Try level 3, there's only one star to get on that level so it's a good starting point! :D