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Reviews for "StarBright"

Well, I really can't say this is too bad or good. It is quite easy to understand. The problem is that it comes off as too cutesy. There should probably be more detail in it. I guess I was just looking for some enemies in this. It seemed a bit too pleasant. Well, I haven't seen how gruesome it is when I'm killed by spikes.

You don't get a medal for going past the opening part. I guess there's nothing too bad about it. It doesn't really have bad game mechanics or anything. It is just quite mediocre. There are more unique games to look at.

SirNightOwl responds:

I think I acheived the look I was going for, might not be everyone's taste :) This was my first game and in a way a 'prototype' for how to do quest type objectives in a platformer, which isn't too common imo, but my next game will be much more elaborate. Thanks for the review! :D

Really good for a first game. Was pretty wonky throughout...
8==D ~~o Atop every vine, you have to jump away so as to not get stuck in limbo.
8==D ~~o If you're anywhere near a door, hitting up will suck you back to the cave. (Maybe make the player object have to stop in front of it)
8==D ~~o Definitely need more relevant respawn points. I gave up on level 5. One nic from a razor and it's back to square one! Too tedious for me.

SirNightOwl responds:

Hey thanks for the review! The vine thing was an issue I was aware of and have spent a long time trying to fix, will get there eventually! Your other points are certainly valid as well! :)

A good game, nice graphics, searching for the stars and runes sometimes well hidden is interesting as well as the mini quests for citizens, but some things could be fixed/improved:
1. On the stages with grass/rocks on the ground and near the ropes going down below you can sometimes get stucked like there was an invisible obstackle in front of you, while it is nothing there; it causes a problem when for example you need to run for a longer distance at the moment;
2. The game definitely needs one or two checkpoints on some stages, it is really making a player frustrated when almost gets a star and then for example gets killed on the very last razor just before getting it;
3. Maybe for some players it would be a good thing to allow the "up" button to be assigned to "jump" as well as "z", I personally prefer this type of steering scheme.
Withe these improvements I would definitely give this game the fully deserved 5 stars, keep it up, it can be a really perfect thing :-)

SirNightOwl responds:

All good points, it was my first game and feedback like this is great for when I do another, definitely learnt a lot! :D

Nice level of difficulty, smooth gameplay and very addictive because of the stars/runes.
The only thing I'm missing is a way to know how many runes are found. Maybe an extra indication on the portaldoors like you did for the stars?

SirNightOwl responds:

That's a great idea :) I should of done that! Thanks for the 4 and a half stars, really appreciated! :D

It's really hard to get the 10th star! :)

Really great graphics and I love the Aztec Style music in the temple levels.
I would be better is there were some sort of checkpoints, even if there would only be 1 checkpoint per level, also you could make it so that when you go back to the lobby you don't teleport back to the wizard.

Keep up the amazing work! :)

SirNightOwl responds:


Thanks, I put a LOT of work into the artwork, blood sweat and tears! Yeah checkpoints is something I will definitely do in the future and might do for this game in the next couple of days :)

"Keep up the amazing work! :)" - This made my night and cheered me up, thanks, I needed it :D