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Reviews for "EMIT"

Wow... This game not only looked good but also had awesome music and I loved it as soon as I clicked play but... The difficulty was horrendous... I see in the other reviews that the game isn't really that hard but the first level is near impossible - fix that pronto - otherwise I think this game is brilliant... although I don't know as I can't even beat the first level really.

Interesting game! I really liked the overall feel of it. Very well-polished UI. Definitely not the hugest fan of the controls, but then again, I'm on a laptop (against your recommendations). The guns are interestingly balanced. I don't know if they're balanced good or bad... they do provide a lot of different play choices.

While the UI is polished well and play is fun overall, game play didn't feel quite up to par. Whether it was the pacing, the over-friendliness of starting back at relatively short checkpoints, the gun play, or a combination of things... I suppose I think the game is too shallow, mentally. A young child could play it, and maybe enjoy it, but I honestly think they would have difficulty doing so.

So I do think it's a great game, but that somewhere along the balancing act, it fell some distance.

Music is fun and interesting for the levels sets a fun tone for each being different.

Guns, what I felt was that things weren't really well balanced in this aspect, or in the sense of aim. It's bad on almost all of them i've gotten to thus far(being the rocket launcher).

There is no aim boost skill which is a bit of a downer, can't have them group better or take off some of the recoil arcing.

That being said that'd be fine IF there was a damage skill then, since you're then able to make up for lack of aim with better damage per shot.

Bosses are simple and fun, little bit of learning what they do if you don't power level but that is enjoyable.

The last level is alright the boss manages to kill you even if you can kill him at times which is kind of an issue.

The only other thing i can really think of is it doesn't really follow much of a story, while it's a decent game over all a small bit of background why this dude is after these people with a boss that fits an end to it would make it better so over all 3.5/5

Has some work to be done with, but over all still solid, look forward to a second one if it ever comes out.


its pretty fun but i had a major issue on lag.one second I'm dodging bullets then another I'm standing there doing nothing then all of a sudden BOOM lots of movement i wanted to do like five seconds ago.