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Reviews for "EMIT"

Add a reload button? That would help the pistol stay a bit more useful early game. Also the spread gun takes FOREVER to reload. As a result the only weapon that really feels powerful on a regular basis is the rocket launcher. Really could use some tweaking.

It was well made however there were a few issues (at least for me).
Often normal waves of enemies were harder then boss fights (or even mini bosses) which made boss fights feel incredibly slow.
Apart from this at a certain point in the game (sniper/homing missiles) the spread gun bonus started to feel more like a hindrance. - Which made it being the final gun feel kinda iffy

This is good but one problem you get shit on with rockets n bombs and bullets its hard to dodge them since you have bullets coming everywhere and your getting shat on

Was good, but rather easy. Also, seems like the 3rd stage starts lagging at some point

i liked it but it was a little easy also some of the weapons are like mega overkill