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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

There's a song in the game that sounds like "An empty tome",from Castlevania:Order of Ecclesia.Also,all the game reminds me to Breath of Fire...somehow.....Anyway,it's a good game overall :)

This game is what defines CRPG's of the good ole days. The combat is fast and fun. Also, very easy to figure out using simple mouse clicks. The graphical elements are simpler, yet clear and standout amongst the environment. Sound is minimal, and that's OK because it doesn't have to be boisterous. This game plays FLUIDLY on Chrome, my browser of choice. The stats tree is simple and linear, so make sure you remember to spend your SP.
I was a member of newgrounds many, many, many years ago and all the way to today, this might be the best RPG game I may ever play on this site. Cheers to the folks behind the scenes.

All of my yes to this game, the animation, ADVENTURING OUTSIDE THE DUNGEON, and above average voice acting, not to mention the music make this game epic. Which reminds me if possible could you like make links or mp3 files for the sound track because I love it :D

First game I've found on Newgrounds (and in general) that I can actually get addicted too! Great RPG! Keep up the good work and keep creating :)))

excelente :D