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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

I wanted to compain that the game was too easy. I was ready to complain that the Main Character is tied for most useless character in the party.

These are things I wanted to do until I realized I'd sat down and played for a long... long 8 hours.

It sucked me in and made me finish, and the end game makes up for the easy difficulty, albeit a bit grindy.

So reminiscent of final fantasy 10, but with the beauty of the nostalgia graphics. Loved it! The bonus levels and hard mode also a nice touch. Please keep these coming! I Desperately hope to see a Crystal Story 3 at some point. Well done. Can't say it enough.

spectacular rpg, very well done

UGHHH 1:22 i just cant do it! fck you snowboard achievement!! great game

I prefer the first game. Things are added to this (and then some things are just recycled, music especially), but I can tell you did a lot of work on this. The plot from the first was silly but at least didn't try too hard. This one is just .. all these player characters have no real reason to be together, as is the class-augmenting system is as dull as it was in FFX.