Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Easily one of if not the best RPG's on Newgrounds to date and it shows, all the basic game play elements are covered with a solid sound track and story to round it all off very well done my friend keep up the good work. The only real criticism I can this is the dialog is a bit childish for my taste but that's just my opinion and has little to no impact on the games overall greatness.

okay okay i loved this game i do hate RPG games but really that one may not be a RPG game but it's like one and it's awesome i don't get bored of reading the story line because it's awesome, awesomazing music yeah yeah???? just share this game really please on newgrounds this is my favorite game.

Great game, it's easy to see a ton of work went into it. It isn't short either!

the music is amazing!!!!

I just literally screamed at my PC for a solid minute haven't even played it yet. Just thanks for making it.