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Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

I dont usually write reviews for games like this. but I LOVE this one. maybe its because Im a scalie at heart or whatever, but this game is Great. I would Really love to see a Sequel to this game. Maybe a spin off with the lizard people. I would Love to make my own lizard man and breed and make lizard babies with all the lusty argonian maids...I have problems I know...Keep up the great work!

----------- SPOILER ------------

GUIDE: How to get Rank S: Azura, Destroyer of Worlds

Destroyer of Worlds - Get intelligence bad ending, low morality, any loyalty and get pregnant at the second Darkwolf summer raid.

1: Do YELLOW work every month until you have around 70 INT, do not go above 75. On the first event press YES, on the second event press NO. When the first wolf raid comes, press the RED button.

2: Once you have around 70 INT, start doing BLUE work and complete the events(press NO on ALL the BLUE events) until the second wolf raid comes. Again, press the RED button to get raped.

3: Once you are impregnated, do NURSE work for one or two weeks to barely get above 75 INT, you still want LOW MORALITY. When you've started the event, press the NO option.

4: Do RED work until the third year is over to get the Azura ending.

azura the destroyer of the world ranks S+....thats more like it

This is awesome. This REALLY needs a gallery of some sorts

Is it possible to get pregnant at the first encounter with the wolves ? And if yes, it would have been cool to see the hybrid baby I think.