Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

lol gorepete, still love your warnings! glad to see you are still making games too

Rank A Queen of the Sharpclaw - Get strength good ending, high morality and high loyalty;
Rank A Dancer - Get flexibility good ending, low morality and low loyalty;
Rank A Cult Leader - Get intelligence bad ending, low morality and high loyalty;
Rank A Drug Lord - Get constitution good ending, low morality and low loyalty;
Rank A Pack Leader - Get charisma good ending, low morality and low loyalty;
Rank S+ Azura, Destroyer of Worlds - Get intelligence bad ending, low morality, any loyalty and get pregnant at the second Darkwolf summer raid.

Here is how the stat works: each work gives 2+ and 2- on stat.
(The colors are the works) hope it helps.
1.Red: str+ loy+ flex- sens-
2.Green: cons+ temp+ char- loy-
3.Yellow: int+ mor+ str- libi-
4.Purple: flex+ libi+ int- mor-
5.Blue: char+ sens+ cons- temp-

The original game was amazing, but this... this is the best Krystal hentai I've ever seen...
Seriously, thank you a thousand times for this!

I got Space Pirate my first go around! Now to try to get the other endings! I love it!

Loving this game, I'm sure I've gotten all or most endings, I've played the older makes of this game but this one is awesome but they need to make it where it's an option to go back with fox so if you want you can still hang around the Sharp Claws and continue the story and maybe more world sex encounters such as a War chief that is larger, in both ways as in stature and in erection size, then the other male warriors, but those are just my suggestions for the makers of the game.

Tip: Focus on one state but you can only get through two the whole game but I suggest doing the purple (waitress, bartender, and dance) because it will give you a higher chances to "ignore work for the day" and until you do the "newbie" for the second time. After that go and do whatever you want and after you finished the world encounters with that branch you can make it through about a quarter to half of they way down the third. For the month schedule do 10 straight days of work and 2 days of rest then do another 10 days of work and 2 days of rest the 5 days of work and that should leave you with 1 day unfilled just put it as a town then go talking to the group your working with to get a world encounter
Note: The 16th day in the summer of the first 2 years you will be attacked by a darkwolf and you will have 1 of 5 options, you can pick one of the colors you been working on (red, green, yellow, purple, or blue) and get out of there okay or you can pick one you haven't worked on and get another sexual encounter but they are different positions each time and the second one you get pregnant, but it changes nothing in the story just starts showing a little baby belly on Krystal.

Hope I was able to help.