Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

I do rather like this version of the LoC series. It's well animated, and a different take on the original game. The problems though are not game breaking, but annoying at times. For one, I do not like how you have to have Crystal navigate. I don't want to go through the entire village slowly to get to a point on the other side. I would recommend with what High Tail Hall did and have a map with points to go through for easier navigation. I also notice at times that when Crystal rests, the armor she wears tends to clip through. The final issue I see, and this is also just personal preference, is when buffing stats, how other stats can suffer by trying to max them. But all in all, the game is fun to play, even with it's faults.

OH MY GOD I love this game! I played it again and again and as of this post have seen ALL the "Ignored work to have sex" scenes (but not all possible routes and ranks). This is a pretty well thought out game. Some can say it needs sound but I was fine with it quiet like this. Would love to see a sequel, where Krystal lives out her days here (as is the case in some of the endings I got)

Definitely asking for a Sequel here ! great game 5 Stars

This game is damn good. I love i, and enjoy it very much! Hoping though that there would be a game mechanic that lets you go back to a scene in just a click. Hoping it would happen to a next installation if there is tho...

great game keep it up!