Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

Blink shut your whore mouth, this is a finished version of a game that's long been unfinished. Good job Gorepete, keep rolling out quality.

Awesome work!! 100/100

Too bad that there is no gallery xD

was a really great game. needs sound!!!

The game design what is supported by the strong dialogue. Some moments where you can actually have a moment to enjoy the games slice of life sort of style with its own clash of story. I consider this if you don't mind a pleasing story line and character interactions. I don't really find a problem. I actually only see the game to be built on the perfect foundation of the game play. The replay value is high and something just makes me keep coming back to play this even though I seen all of the 21 endings I think, I really just enjoy the game still. I hope this guy or Female makes more games like these.

I love this series do much! Everytime a new game comes out I'm practically in hysterics! Amazing job Gorepete!