Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"


I love how they're all using Steel Swords from Skyrim.XD Awesome remake Dude Thumbs Up.

Woah... where do I begin? I was pretty skeptical about the game at first... considering most LoK forks didn't get far, and I tend to dislike games that make a fuss about porn being porn or copying games being immoral on their loading screen. I still decided to give it a try though, and wasn't disappointed. This managed to keep me playing for over 3 hours in a row, since I wanted to see all endings and stories.

The most awesome thing in this game is your ability to choose your path and the outcome of your experience to a remarkable extent. Every job turns Krystal into a different person and offers a different game end. You befriend specific characters and excel in given domains based on your choices. Over my criteria, the bad end is working for the armory (Krystal becomes evil) while the good end is either working as a healer or as a maid. Apparently the best way is to use a single job line per game... I'm not sure if excelling in multiple (even all) jobs at once is possible.

As for downsides... well the most obvious one is the lack of sounds and possibly music. I also believe this game is awesome enough to deserve higher quality backgrounds. On top of that, I can imagine more features and detail being considerable additions if you're still working on it. Either way, a full 5/5 from me... you put a lot of effort into this and deserve a salute!

Lol nice game, i can finish the whole game without a fucking scene......
but i dont know how to reach Rank S+

i have been playing this game for 3 Hours and i'm still into it :D