Reviews for "Guard Of The Kingdom"

Nice game! Is this a bug when we can't upgrade anymore at the last wave?

Well this was a different kind of tower-defence game... without towers! Well no, there are towers, you just fight it out inside them rather than building them... I like the idea, and the balance between upgrades/allies and enemies is a great, I like the fact that the king has a fighting chance too. Nice work!


Wow, this is a fun one and a bit of a challenge in later stages.
I really like the intense battle music as well. It adds so much to the gaming experience, and I feel that it is under appreciated a lot of times in games, but not here.
Great job on this one, keep up the awesome work!

Good game, though I would suggest you add a description for the units, it can be annoying having to figure it out yourself (and somethings takes awhile, like the poison).

For example: Slime: Attack-3 Speed-1 Special-Poison or Diamond : Attack-1 Speed-2 Special Petrify.

i liek, but vewy hard.......like cock