Reviews for "Guard Of The Kingdom"

soooooo cool! nicely done!

All of these fools complaining about the lack of information have no love for classical games. Do you people even know why games use to be so difficult? Well, it was the lack of information, and the not holding your hand through the entire game that had it spike in difficulty.

I believe this game is flawless, and I absolutely love the no information thing. A real strategist would only love this above anything else, because it puts more of a challenge out for us to figure everything out on our own, then construct a unique strategy.

It's an okay game. Art is great, and it doesn't even chug when I blast it at 2x speed. However, up until the 14th level all I did was spam ranged units, and then green blobs and it was an easy win every time.

The 14th round at the very start of where enemies come, you place a blob, little armored dude, diamond stunning thing, blob, armored dude, diamond, then the rest the blue square slow guys. It took a long time for me to realize the armored guys are VERY weak but once upgraded, they upgrade in speed and damage significantly. Upgrade all those on the bottom floor to max (except the blue square dudes) and line the 2nd floor with the rectangle blocks that shoot above and below floors. This strategy also works for the 15th and last level - nothing ever makes it to the 2nd floor.

That said, the game was too easy. Snoozefest. I could have spent my time masturbating or buying badly needed presents... but it did use my time up. So okay.

But seriously, those green blobs with their poison effects are just OP. Once they become available, spamming them is a good way of winning most stages.

I find myself wanting to like this game. I like the art, it's an honest defense game which seems to have had some tough into it. I want to like playing it. But it just falls short.

Towers have no descriptions. Not even a name. You have to guess by looking at them to see what they do. There are no stats on tower which lets me compare them and formulate a strategy. There is no info on what upgrades actually do except making the towers better, so there is no way to know if this is the kind of TD game that push you towards making a few elite towers or if it's the kind that push you towards making an army of towers. Except trying out different things and probably dying because one approach is probably inferior to the other. So I have no idea if my melee guys are supposed to slow down the opponents long enough for my range units to deal more damage. If I want to know I have to try it and see if I can see a difference, possibly wasting resources.

Most TD games nowadays will have upgrades you can purchase between missions, but this one does not. Why? Was the focus supposed to be on something else? I guess this is not a major gripe, but please notice that your competition has features above yours, and I don't see anything so far that shows that you bring anything new.

On a bright note, I found no bugs, the difficulty curve seemed pretty good, and I was challenged beyond level 1 though I managed to pull through. Which is just what you want in the difficulty of a game. Although admitedly if I'd actually had known what the different towers did and what their stats were, I might have been able to formulate a better strategy which might have destroyed the difficulty curve, so it's hard to say if that's actually a good point or just luck.

In any case if anyone is wondering I mostly went with just spamming ranged units.

Level 14 impossible to beat... Those caveman have such high HP and defense they pass over my defense like it was nothing barely harmed...