Reviews for "Guard Of The Kingdom"

I'm a big fan of tower defense, it is probably one of my favorite genres even, but that was not enough to hold me to this game. In all honesty it was the lack of upgrades and seemingly linear progress. Usually one of the things that I find are incorporated is that you start small and get to unlock new abilities/ tower levels as you progress that you can allocate to be able to enhance different play styles. When I saw that you can already upgrade each tower to the third level immediately and that you could not mod them I lost interest very quickly. My advice is to hold out on being able to max each character right off the bat and maybe add skill points so it does not feel quite so stagnant and linear. I look forward to your next effort.

Could not find any in-game descriptions of what each tower does and I do see a lack of originality. Kinda annoying. Other then that it looks pretty, its fluent, the objectives are clear. So not bad just nothing special.

Excellent way to kill time. Spent a good hour on this. Well made, and looks and sounds beautiful.

BUG: When I tried to sell items, it wouldn't let me sell them if I didn't have the sell value in cash already. E.g. If I wanted to sell a tower for 25 coin, I had to already have 25 coin in my cache before I could sell it to get the extra 25 coin. I'm assuming is isn't supposed to be like that :)

Regardless, excellent fun!

A complete rip-off of Monster Castle... but I enjoyed that game, so I enjoyed this one as well. Found lvl 7 to be FAR too difficult though... resulted in me trying over & over till I found the perfect strategy... which in turn made every level after that ridiculously simple using the same build.

Stats and descriptions of the units, spells and upgrades are necessary for this kind of game... was quite annoyed that there wasn't a single one of them. Was also disappointed that the upgrades only seemed to affect strength and none of them seemed to gain in speed or range.

Nice graphics and music though!

I love this game. I also love tower defense so this is great!