Reviews for "Guard Of The Kingdom"

The game itself is nice.But,i've played this type has been done before,and better.I forget the name of it,but this is the same thing.....So,good game.

Its a nice time waster, but it could be better having more maps, more levels for your "towers", and being harder, the only level in which i played more than once to get the 3 stars was level 7.

Also, enemies could have different resistences to fire damage, acid damage, etc; that's because after you get the "green blob tower" which have acid or poison damage or whatever, you don't realy need other towers, it becomes your main defense force, and the other towers are there just to keep the enemies taking that poison damage.

Still, good game, make the sequel even better ^_^.

pretty but extremely shallow.

enemy stats, unit stats, map layouts, tactics, cutesy story, all these things are lacking

Boring, but not bad. 3.5/5

Its not really a bad game or anything, but what's the incentive to keep playing? Take Kingdom Rush for example, when you three star a map, you can use those stars to upgrade certain aspects of your towers. There's really no incentive to get more than one star. Also, how the hell are you supposed to beat level 7?