Reviews for "Santa Run 2"

Fun game as always. I liked the new additions, but this one didnt seem as hard as the first one. Sure it was tricky but going for the speedrun was a lot easier, I still wasted a few hours on this game just like the last one so obviously this is still a good attention grabber.

I like it a time puzzler but no saves and when you don't finish the day you go back to the begging of the game

The only thing I don't like about it is the excessive trial and error. You pretty much HAVE to restart a level over and over and over again to find the shortcuts in order to beat the game. Another minor thing: I didn't even notice the timer at the bottom of the screen on my first attempt (though that might just be me). If it was a clock instead of a circle slowly turning from white to black or the game just told me what it represented, then it would be fine. The graphics are pretty good, the music is nice, albeit not all that holiday oriented, and the gameplay is standard running and jumping trying to get from point A to point B. Also, having the screen shake when Santa lands on the ground was a pretty nice touch. It takes a while to really know how to efficiently beat each level, but other than that, this is pretty fun. I couldn't keep a smile off my face when playing it.

Reforcing what some had already said... The game is simply amazing! Graphs are cool, the music is sweet, animation is smooth... However, one thing really do bother... There is only ONE way to beat the game! The game forces you to find this only one path because the timer is too short.
You really could increase the timer or, at least, make the time "stop" when the "Animation" between levels is happening.
So, resuming, great game! Just don't make it insanely hard. Some people would like to be able to fail at least once and still win the game XD You could make a "Junior Mode" for the player to learn the levels! Without time!
Hope to see more. Carbo Diem.

whileworking responds:

Thanks a lot for the review. You actually can fail twice and win the game ;) - but I hear you and will think about a solution for that issue for maybe a next game!

Awesome Game!!! I <3 It 8/10 :D Even do ''Santa Run'' The original was better :)