Reviews for "Santa Run 2"

Fun game but the timer does kill the game a lot. The timer could of been refresh ever time you went to the next area. Which would of been awesome.

So, the only thing you didn't fix was the only thing people complained about.

I still love the concept, and it's very challenging in a good way, but the way the timer is set up still punishes people for not getting it right immediately. Santa Run and its sequel are both very challenging games WITHOUT the timer. You want to do a time trial mode? Fine by me, but this single element sours the entire experience, because if you screw up even once, you may as well restart immediately, because you're not making it to the end.

I loved the previous games, but noticed a problem on the notebook I'm currently using:

If your computer is too slow, the game doesn't skip frames, but slows down as a whole. Except for the timer, which apparently counts realtime instead of frames. Thus, every time your computer lags a bit, it counts against your time.
I wasn't able to finish the game on this computer due to that bug.

Controls are solid, pretty hard game but still fun, but dude, where 's the pause button?? i'm trying to play this game in the office, but i gotta pause when someone is about to walk by!

Very unforgiving and tricky, but fun nonetheless.