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Reviews for "Empire Business"

Really cleverly simple game! I liked how when the bank got full it the amount changed color to alert the user. I liked how the cost of upgrades wasn't just a linear increase (it went down sometimes!) It made me feel like I was lucky and chose a good path to follow on the upgrades.

I have to say that when I saw the title Empire Business the first thing that comes to mind is a complex city tycoon that you run all profitable businesses in the world . monitor them and if you fail behind in schedule your empire dies . But the concept of this game sounds cool to me cause dragging money to your bank and upgrade to be multi - millionaire is so easy and fun. If life could be so easy and money comes from nowhere we all mankind live happy. Thanks blablob for making a game to dream be millionaire in this recession world earth a reality possible. Make my day!!!!

blablob responds:

The pleasure's all mine. Glad you enjoyed it!

Really surprising and cool.

Not bad, but this is cookie clicker all over again.
Except this one actual end :)

Very simple and I loved the way the upgrades made the income faster but at the same time the prices got higher, I wish something could be done on he graphics tho.
Instead of choises why not make actual buildings that can be upgraded on the map while you collect the money :)
Nice job, keep up the wood work and you'll get my 5th star if there is a 2nd game :)