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Reviews for "Empire Business"

Gets old too fast. Five minute game.

This game is very easy and simple but I don't know why, I like it.

i like it
but this game is really easy

reminds me of cookie clicker and executioner

Dude, you know how to make a game that makes you want to continue! It just seemed like it had no end. While there wasn't a lot of detail, I still have to say I really liked it! It was certianly addictive. Everything just led to something more. I couldn't help but think if this whole thing was a metaphor for greed.

While the graphics weren't that good, it truly didn't matter. I wish I could get money like this in the real world! Even at the last upgrade, I'd still have plenty. The music is fairly good too. I admit, if it wasn't for the medals, I wouldn't be as interested.