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Reviews for "Empire Business"

Nice, deceptively simple game. The funny thing is that it really shows how money works. You start of pinching pennies and through the magic of compound interest it multiplies exponentially lol.

Don't know if that was the plan but excellent in any case

I am impressed. I've seen a slew of games recently where the point is simply to gain upgrades and marvel at the increasing speed and gameplay. But this is by far the simplest of the lot. Nice job!

you can get very rich in this money game.
godd things like upgrades.
great medals too
got them all
keep it up

This is one of the most stupid yet addicting games I ever played! :)

At first, when I realized what was the gameplay I thought: "Seriously??"
but then with the upgrades and achievements everything became more interesting. And even if I was still thinking that this was not making any sense nor being challenging or exiting, I found myself continuing playing just to see what will happen next and if there was an end of it.
I won't tell it guys. play and figure it out. :P

p.s. you definitely have to add some challenging to it. You could add a time limit and then a score leaderboard with the best results in that time limit. Then don't guide the player through the upgrading showing only 3 or 4 of them at a time. Display a lot of them and let everyone choose an upgrading strategy. ;)


Ahh yes, it's fun to dream of having that kind of cash rolling in.
Every once and awhile someone makes a game like this, and just about everyone of them is addicting and fun. This game certainly was that, and the music track added to the thrill of earning fat green bats at a ridiculous speed by the end.
It goes to show that there doesn't always need to be complex graphics and interactions to make an entertaining game, well done.