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Reviews for "Empire Business"

Thanks for the game. I really enjoyed it.

The only flaws in this game:
1 - Lacked visual finish. There are various techniques to render hundreds of good looking spinning coins without lag in Flash. Look it up;
2 - Absolutely no challenge. Seriously? It took me ages to realize that the game was simply about collection money freely.
3 - No replay value. Once you get all upgrades you have no reason to keep playing or to play again.

But don't consider 3 very much. It's just a simple game. And I found it quite enjoyable for the eyes and the ears. Relaxing game. Thanks for the good work.

:P easy

very cool game, nice for smartphones, 2 things:
- I didnt see 3rd path in the right until the end with the red arrow
- strong magnet is too strong

Nice idead.

When the coins are pulled in by the magnet in a straight horizontal (vertical) line, they jump one unit up and down (left and right) along the line.
That is probably just a < instead of a <= problem.

I wish my life were this easy.