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Reviews for "10 (NG Medal Edition)"

A clever puzzle game with clean graphics!

Great simple concept. Wound up playing through the first 40 or so levels before it got kinda' hard and looking at the clock made me realize why...Time flew!

If your day is tense just listen to the music. The music is very relaxing.

Who knew a game with maths could be so fun and addictive? It might need more features though, and maybe you could also use more things. You could maybe even make this a proper maths game with fractions, algebra and other stuff for kids to play so they can learn maths while having fun.

Interesting concept, definitely interesting. I think it might be cool to involve multiplication and division as well just to mix things up. Honestly the game got boring pretty quickly and I think that the level design was wholly unnecessary; there should be a way to make Flash generate solvable levels on its own by reversing a completed puzzle. I think an arcade mode with randomly created levels would be more interesting than having set levels, especially when most of the game is guesswork.