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Reviews for "10 (NG Medal Edition)"

I Give 10/5 Stars C:

I love the way this game uses sound--the music and the sound effects work beautifully together.

iojoe responds:

Thanks so much Benjamin!! It was the first time I've made all the music/sfx myself - so glad you liked it :D

simple but very NICE!!

iojoe responds:

:D Thanks PNQ!!

Really solid puzzler here.
It has the perfect rate of difficulty ascension as the levels go on, and the slow, trippy soundtrack puts the player in a dreamy state that somehow keeps you wanting to play and overcome the challenges.
I definitely had fun playing this.
Keep up the great work!

iojoe responds:

:D Thanks xPaleRiderx!!! Very happy you liked the game and the soundtrack too!

Just delete the data by clicking the sprocket on the left at the startup screen, and then play again to get the other medals.

The game is good. It's nothing hair-pulling or gut wrenching, but it does get you to think.

iojoe responds:

:D Thanks MI4-REAL-2001!! And thanks for giving the replay-for-all-medals tip!