Reviews for "10 (NG Medal Edition)"

I'm a teacher at a primary school. This would be an absolutely ideal program (app or on a computer) to teach my children about number bonds to ten! Brilliant :D Shame my school's blocking software would block this.

iojoe responds:

:D Thanks Atys!! That's fantastic!!! 10 is also on my website (iojoe.com) it might work from there.


fun little puzzle, but nothing new or interesting besides the medals.
A good challenge and well made though.

iojoe responds:

Thanks BuzzWhipple!! The mechanic of addition + blocks becomes clearer in the later levels - I had aimed to make something at least a little new

this is cool to play
enjoyable too.
nice job

iojoe responds:

Thanks Food123!!! ...now I'm hungry ;)

Pretty spiffy game. Graphics are fine for what is trying to be achieved, the sound effects and music are pretty darn good, and the overall concept (while having been done before) is executed quite well. Four out of five, pretty darn nice.

iojoe responds:

:D Thanks Robroy82!! The hope with the mechanic was to mix math with logic/sliding to come up with something a little bit different