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Reviews for "10 (NG Medal Edition)"

Good music, good graphics, good concept.
It is too easy.
Why to choose an item ? It is not possible to unlock all medals since we have to choose one item between 2, why do not you just give medal when level finished ?

iojoe responds:

Thanks Vincenz1! I'm working on a sequel with harder levels :) For the medals I wanted to show peoples choices, but as MI4-REAL-2001 found if you want to get them all you can play through a second time after deleting your data.

Great puzzle game, nothing bad about it.

iojoe responds:

Thanks AwesomeMaster! Glad you enjoyed it!! :D

Very interesting puzzler, a great way to spend several hours

iojoe responds:

Yay! Thanks Jeff!! :D

I'm a teacher at a primary school. This would be an absolutely ideal program (app or on a computer) to teach my children about number bonds to ten! Brilliant :D Shame my school's blocking software would block this.

iojoe responds:

:D Thanks Atys!! That's fantastic!!! 10 is also on my website (iojoe.com) it might work from there.


fun little puzzle, but nothing new or interesting besides the medals.
A good challenge and well made though.

iojoe responds:

Thanks BuzzWhipple!! The mechanic of addition + blocks becomes clearer in the later levels - I had aimed to make something at least a little new