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Reviews for "10 (NG Medal Edition)"

Very good thinking game! I love it! It makes you thing a lot! 5 stars!

deserves all 5,very 2048-esque

This is a wonderful puzzle game. Great challenge progression. The music is not distracting. I agree that it is a great brain exercise. Got a lil frustrating there towards the end. Almost gave up, but took a break, came back and beat it. Great job! 5/5

Hands down, my favorite puzzle game on Newgrounds!

The easy-listening and melodic music put my mind at an ease. This really helped me focus, and solve the puzzles that were in-front of me! Not only that, I find this a good work-out for the brain. I noticed that once I started playing more, I started solving the harder puzzles faster than I thought I could.

Great game, simple yet fun. Plus the soundtrack, killer! I highly recommend this game to ANYONE who sees it or reads this review!

Keep up the great work.



im making a game