Reviews for "Saten & Jezus"

I always wondered if Sexual Lobster is somehow related, linked, adjoined, tethered, or just plain buddies with cyriak on YouTube.

Here on Newgrounds, we like our turtles hard and lumpy.

Anyway...it feels like there should have been more, but it came to an abrupt end, like you could have taken this further, but stopped short.

Nothing seemed over-the-top. The cat and the turtle certainly were, but they were presented in a way that drew less attention to them. Then there's Saten and Jezus, but they're kinda staple, and the back-and-forth they have with each other is not only unoriginal, but the insults were predictable.


Hahaha! I actually enjoyed the sudden ending. Also the fact Satan was riding on a domesticated house cat? Jesus on a turtle? So random haha

That was so fucking funny
A little short though