Reviews for "Saten & Jezus"

Jesus has a really large unrealistic turtle!! and Satan has a really large unrealistic cat!!...Anyway I like your creativity and I love the flash as well as I do with all your other work that you do here on newgrounds at that. But now I'm wondering who would win in a fight between the two.. Sexual-Lobster ? ? My money is on Satan's cat...Since their both on dry land. But however if they where to go underwater I would definitely place my bet on Jesus turtle.

do that guy and girl having sex

iiiiiiiits got the funny random we all come to know of sexual lobster but was too short i was expecting alot substance the voices was abit crackly come on man you are beter than this

An exellent mockary of the western existance with an important lesson in the end: it's more tempting to ride with Satan - choose wisely.

Audio and visuals are exellent ofcourse.

Eh could of used some more tits... and maybe some asses... asstits would of been great! - Great Work As Always SL