Reviews for "Saten & Jezus"

Honestly I just saw Satan saying that he was a better screw than jezus in this. All of the deeper meanings people are finding...meh.

Because obviously Jezus' turtle (and what is that a euphamism for? *cough*) is hard and lumpy....yeah, no sexual reference there. And of course Satan's PUSSY cat is soft and luxurious...a much better ride all around.

That poor turtle! What did he ever do to Satan, even if he is hard and lumpy?

It must be hard being in a 2D world when there are giant prancing animals.

Somewhere there is a sexual joke in there, Involveing the bed...
Who knows?

5/5, Turtles and Cats...who knew?

as always you post nothing but the best

What's amazing about this video is that it evades being offensive to almost everyone because everyone sees what they expect to see; whatever they themselves think is what they think its message is. Really. Look through the comments. You can really pick out who is a brainwashed Christian because they'll say something like "taking the righteous path is harder, just like riding on the hard and lumpy turtle, while Satan tries to lure you with instant gratification with a more comfortable ride" and they TOTALLY miss considering the possibility that Jesus (oh EXCUSE me, I meant JeZus) isn't necessarily the good guy in this story because they're watching it through the tinted glasses of their religion. I mean, for crying out loud, Jesus doesn't say he'll take them to anything like heaven, Satan doesn't say he'll be torturing them forever after the cat ride, the ONLY difference between them is that Jesus gives a passive aggressive threat (and Satan doesn't) , and that Satan offers a more comfortable ride. In fact Satan hasn't actually said he won't whiff them away to safety even if they refuse him out of mistrust, he could very well be too ethical for that and intend to save them whether they agree or not! If you don't come into this video polluted by preconceptions, the obvious conclusion is that Jezus is the bad guy! That's just genius pandering right there. The Christians see it as a metaphor of everything they hold true, the atheists and followers of other religions see a satire of Christianity. Sexualobster should become a politician. If I lived in Australia, I'd vote for him. It kind of reminds me of something I saw once (was it Shakespeare?) where these 2 people were insulting this absolute ruler king and tempting being executed for insolence but every time the king thought he was being insulted, the 2 master wordsmiths would find a way to weasel the insulting sentence they started into a bizarre compliment in the last moment.