Reviews for "Twelve A.M."

The shadow at first of the cowboy doll reminded me of Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street. The animation was really well done and it really made me jump quite a bit from the musical vibes. Well done man.

your second place award makes me wonder what one first place it would have to be really fucking good to beat this.

good thing im watching this at 4 PM and not at 12 AM.

Good stuff sir,i was intrigued from start to finish.

This way spookier than I'd imagined! The way you build up the suspense with the subtlest details is great. I thought it was moving rather slow at first, but apparently that slowness didn't hinder the tension. At the end though, I'd rather you'd cut the movie before the creature appeared, it would've been much scarier not knowing if there really was anything behind the door, if it was just a dream or... something more. Also, why 12? 3 is the demon hour. Setting those minor details aside this was a fantastic watch, keep it going!