Reviews for "Twelve A.M."

wicked sick

TOO SPOOPY FOR KIKI! Dx (Yes, spoopy, deal with it c:)
I loved it though! it sucks that im very very easily frightened.
The animation and music was wonderful and the suspense! I had to pause it so I could calm down enough to watch more of it xD Great job.

. I really liked this. You guys did an awesome job1 Thank you:)

This is simply a masterful expression of suspense.

While the visuals are fitting for this project, what makes this movie work so well is both the timing and the sound balance to create the necessary tension. The sharp, distinctness of both the sound effects and the music is what separates this from a standard horror project, as they immerse the viewer in a way the animation alone cannot. By building up the noises and the music in a careful manner, it makes the actual personified threat all the more frightening because it cannot be heard. At one time, the audience is "aware" of what the character is not but at the same time the audience shares his point of hearing (minus the music, of course), which grounds the viewer into him.

That is a very difficult balancing act to pull off, especially in animation, but this video shows it can be done excellently.

I really enjoyed this, great job animating! Without giving away the plot, I do think the device used was a bit cliche. But still, it was great animating, excellent setting-up of the atmosphere, great music and sound effect selection - nothing wrong with it at all in any meaningful regard. I don't think there's a way to use that particular plot device without it being at least a little cliche, so it's not a snark on your style. Might be an interesting challenge to try using the same plot device in such a way that as few people as possible can see it coming. Just a thought. In any case, great job! :-)