Reviews for "Twelve A.M."

Amazing. trully a masterpiece.. the way Suspense is used in the movie is unique and gives quite a thrill when watching it. noce job 5/5

i love it when ghosts and monsters come out to play.

Superb Camera shots. enjoyed it!

The suspense shots, time-based panning to specific pices and repetition to build tension were all awesome. Couldn't help but smile at the hand though :)

Love the sound, scenes angles, and the tension you tried to build.
but seriously, whats wrong with all those spider webs? is it suppose to be a house decoration?
and it was scary until the assumed 'creepy' hand try to pick up the figure. that was kinda funny, i'm sorry. it was not scary at all. why would it tried to pick up an action figure?
but overall, everything is wonderful! your art style rock! wish to see more of your works! :)