Reviews for "Twelve A.M."

I must say this was well done! I envy your skill as an artist, the flash was proffesionally high quality, especially aided by the simplistic and darker style of drawing you have practically perfected. As for sound, it was again, very nice - there were a few snags here and there, such as the consistent lightning with a lack of thunder and the soundless yawn Tyler expresses.

I can't really fault it in many other places, the suspense was good, the story did border on generic I must note, but it is quite hard to pull off an original idea. My only quarrel lies with the nit-picks I had already stated, so for a first attempt at creating a chilling project, you've executed it extremely well.

I give you four and a half stars my good man (or woman), and I wish you all the luck with your future career - whatever that may be.

Sincerely, the Ninth Pelican.

nothing induces paranoia into a person like a night full of fake terror, which leave you with the thought of a creature of hell waiting for you to go to sleep. i give this 4.5 not a 5 because its almost there, something is missing and i cant point it out. in my opinion you should have won 2nd place not the pig vampire thing.

Now's thats a cool Flash and you should make more of it nice dedication! I guess that will teach any witches in life!!

That Was Amazing! Scary AND Thrilling! Love It!

I usually don't care for scary videos, becase they usually arn't that scary but this one did a really good job at building up suspense. I don't understand the use of the spider webs thoughm they just seem out of place even for decoration.

Plus the lighting scared the shitoki out of me. 4.5/5