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Reviews for "Lakeview Cabin"

Love this. It kinda reminds me of Resident Evil: Outbreak. And I ADORE that game.

VERY fun game. The sequel I recommend you get on steam. It has a great horror vhs feel to it.

it's an awesome game, here's a litlle help with the medals and secrets:
medal 1: just go to the sauna, put the wood on the metal compartment and sit down
medal 2: click X in the motor, get out all the objects in the enviromment and ride over all the flowers
medal 3: i don't know this one.
medal 4: put the trap in the place where the deer runs, when he's trapped pick the axe and kill it, then pick the meat put wood into the "grill" and put the meat in the grill, the just pick the cooked meat and press X.
secret medal: when you burned the fetus get on the bed.

to get the key to the little house you need to chop a wood in the bathroom and the key will fall
the ammo for the shotgun and the gas is in the litlle house.

houped i helped.

I love it but to bad you can't change characters in this one I would love to get have this game for free and be able to switch characters!

good job