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Reviews for "Lakeview Cabin"

Jeg !LOVE! Lakeview Cabin COOL OG NICE GAME :-)

This game is awesome it's just complicated as fuck

How To Get The Bear Trap?

how to beat the game like a PRO:

how to burn the lady, use the bear trap and throwed to the vodka botler... WTF
how to kill the zombie girld, use the bear trap and wait her, when she fall in the trap use the Axe and mash her
how to kill the fetus, use a piece of wood and throw to the furnace then grab the worm and throw to the furnace.

Get the gun by grabbing a full block of wood and throwing it at the gun it falls on the floor get the key to the locked building (the one with the bear trap on the side) grab the shotgun shells shoot the lady smash her face with a axe grab and drop the fetus repedeatley then throw him in the fire and then you win