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Reviews for "Lakeview Cabin"

ok but laggy will say what happen to me when i was scared:i was sleeping on game all good and i hear a cow was nothing i was back to sleep and...i was looking to my feet when...TATATA a zombie? ghost? i don't know but great scares anyway

oh god, that's surprise me... that baby crying..
awesome game btw.

Breasts, violence... a bearded ginger man. A mystery.

The perfect game.

Thank you.

interesting but requires too much labor for my cpu. playing a flash game isnt worth heating my dual core to the temperature of a thousand suns. neat little game though, just cpu intense.
WARNING TO ALL WITH WEAK PROCESSORS- this game is very cpu intense. only play if you have a modern processor, i recommend at least two cores and a max freq. clocked at 2.20 Ghz

dude its awesome maybe you should make the 2 its the beast of games this are good graphics good weapons and hell yeah it rocks keep up the good work HOLLA