Reviews for "Lakeview Cabin"

Nice game i wish i could buy the steam version , i tryed to do a Speedrun and my record is 46 seconds and 87 milliseconds

how to win hunter:
1. pick up wood log
2. hold it under bear trap
3. pick up closed bear trap
4. throw it behind where the deer spawns
5. have the deer respawn and chase it into the bear trap
6. pick up the axe
7. chop up the deer
8. pick up chopped wood
9. throw it in the bedroom furnace
10. pick up meat
11. throw it in bedroom furnace
12. pick up cooked meat
13. press x to eat it

Took me a while but I finally got all the medals! this was pretty fun

what you need to do, get the axe and chop the wood, take the wood to the bedroomand DO NOT throw it in the fire yet. chop the electric wire and take the bucket and fill it with water, press O and throw the water on the lady as shes walking over the cut wire. a fetus will popout and then you go to the bedroom and throw the wood in the furnace. then throw in the fetus. by the way this game is awsome

Hi can I make a gaming video of me playing this amazing game for YouTube? I will include this link
Thx!! <3